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I was one of those kids that went trick or treating up through high school. I seem to recall my last year was my junior year.

I grew up in a golf course community and all of the kids from my town and the nearby town, came to this neighborhood for trick or treating.

Everyone knew that a good portion of the houses would be handing out full sized candy bars. And then there was the dentist that handed out toothbrushes. Brilliant!

We never bothered ourselves with the small plastic pumpkins for our candy. We always took an old, sturdy pillow case for our trick or treat Bags.

My kiddos picked out their candy holders weeks ago, (Iron Man and Frozen, obviously). But they are small. And every year we’ve gone trick or treating with the kids, their containers get too heavy. One of them even broke once.

So I thought, why not let them carry their little containers for candy, but when they get too full or too heavy, they could have a pillow case with their name on it close by. Yes, I may have to carry the pillow case, or maybe I can even put it in the stroller if we use it. But the kiddos will now  have no excuses to get out of carrying their candy be able to easily carry their cool candy holders on their own-so they’ll be able to go up to each door by themselves.

Either way, I thought it would be helpful and so much fun, for each kiddo to have their own pillowcase that they decorated themselves.[Tweet “These adorable Trick or Treat Bags are so fun to make with the kiddos, and they’re practical!”][expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

For your Trick Or Treat Bag, you will need:

And old pillowcase that you are no longer using. (I got mine from my parents, so, thanks mom and dad!!)

Puff Paint or Fabric paint

Cardboard that fits snuggly inside the pillow case.

Jewels, glitter, etc, of your choice

  1. Fit the cardboard inside the pillowcase so it is held taut. Trick or Treat Bags
  2. Let the kiddos go to town with the paints.
  3. Watch them get creative with the glitter and jewels (or whatever else you gave them for this project). Trick or Treat Bags
  4. Let it dry completely.
  5. Take it along for some trick or treating!Have the kiddos make their very own Trick or Treat Bags for Halloween. It's fun, they're sturdy and perfect for carrying around all that candy!

After a fun night of trick or treating I always go through the candy. It’s not what you think! Well, not completely, anyway… I may take a *few* pieces for myself.

I go through it to take out all of the candy I don’t want to kiddos to eat. Gobstoppers, jawbreakers, etc. sometimes my husband takes them for himself, but usually, we get rid of it.

Even after going through the candy, getting rid of some, taking some for ourselves, and making Halloween Candy Bark, the kiddos still have yet to finish all of the candy they get for any given holiday. We space it out A LOT.

Do you have any fun plans with the kiddos for Halloween this year?[/expander_maker]

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