No-Waste Rotisserie Chicken

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Have you ever bought one of those handy rotisserie chickens at the supermarket for a last minute dinner? As a busy mom, yes, I have too.

We always get so many meals out of it. That is, of course, if I separate the meat from the bones right away.

If I just toss the whole chicken in the fridge when I get home, we get about two meals out of it. It ends up getting thrown away. Which is sad because it’s such a waste!

That is why I have developed a game plan for a No-Waste Rotisserie Chicken. It is so easy to get multiple meals out of one chicken![Tweet “It is so easy to get multiple meals out of one chicken!”]Every busy mom should know how to use up and entire rotisserie Chicken. This no-waste plan makes it easy!

The Meat:[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

As mentioned before, as soon as you get home, separate the meat from the bones.

It has to be hot still so it will be easy to do, but not so hot that you can’t touch it. If the chicken is cold, it’s really tough to do this part. (Full disclosure, this is not my favorite step…)

As you’re separating things, put the bones, and extras that you won’t eat in a large pot off to the side.

Put all of the meat in one container, keeping the light meat separate from the dark meat. (Unless your family doesn’t care, then mix away!)no-waste rotisserie chicken

We always have some with our meal that night, usually Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, or something similar.

Then we always have a bunch left for the next few days.

It’s nice to have it for quick sandwiches, to toss in a salad, or a quick bite of protein.  Really, there are so many simple recipes to use up the whole chicken, the possibilities are endless.

After about two days or so, if there is any left, I chop it all up and make chicken enchiladas.

So that is how we use up all of the meat.

Now for the bones:

After separating the meat from the bones, you can now focus on your broth.

On top of your chicken bones, add 3-4 chopped up carrots, an onion, and 3-4 ribs of celery.

All of the vegetables should be rinsed but not peeled (even the onion-keep the skin on), and roughly chopped. Size does not matter here. If you don’t have all of these veggies, just use what you do have (of these three veggies, don’t add broccoli or something crazy like that…).no-waste rotisserie chicken

Cover everything in your pot with water by about an inch or so. I like to add garlic salt, but don’t go too crazy. When you’re cooking with it later, you can always add more salt!!no-waste rotisserie chicken

Bring it to a boil, then reduce heat to a simmer. Simmer for an hour or so depending how concentrated you want the flavors. We’re making a broth here, so an hour to an hour and a half is good.

Strain everything into a large rotisserie chicken

Let it cool to room temperature. (Unless you need it immediately, then just use it.)

Once it has cooled down, there are two methods I like for freezing my broth.

First, is in a large freezer bag. Place bag in a large Pyrex or something similar, folding the bag open over the sides, so it stays open. Then add your broth.  Seal the bag, squeezing out as much air as you can. Lay the bag flat in your freezer to freeze. Pro tip-measure the amount you put in the bag and write it on the bag with a sharpie so it makes cooking with it later, much easier.

The second method is my most preferred. Ladle the broth in ice cube trays and freeze. no-waste rotisserie chickenOnce they are frozen, you can transfer the broth cubes to a large plastic bag or a Tupperware container. I prefer this method because I use smaller amounts of broth for different meals.[Tweet “Use up the entire Rotisserie Chicken and make super easy chicken broth! “]Every busy mom should know how to use up and entire rotisserie Chicken. This no-waste rotisserie chicken plan makes it easy! Two of my favorite sides made with my broth are cous cous or quinoa. Just follow the directions and substitute the water for the broth.

What meals do you like to make with Rotisserie Chicken?


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