A Fun Way to Practice Handwriting

I’ve mentioned before how much my daughter loves school. She especially loves it at home when I have activities for her that pertain to what she’s learning at school.

The other day, I was wrapping presents and she really wanted to help. I put her on tape duty at first.

While she does love playing with tape, it got a bit boring for her, so I thought I would have her help with the Christmas tags for each gift. It turned out to be a really fun way for her to practice handwriting skills.

Writing the same thing over and over can get boring for kids. But my daughter and I found a fun way for her to practice handwriting that she loves!

Instead of using those tiny tags from the store, I cut out big rectangles from the wrapping paper to use. My girl can write her letters great, as long as she has PLENTY of room.[Tweet “Get your kindergartner to practice their handwriting and “help you out” at the same time.”]

I wrote a few of them out for her so she could just copy them down. That method was her favorite because she had more confidence with copying.

The other way we did it, I spelled out each word for her and she had to write them down as I went.

We both really loved this activity because she was being extremely helpful to me, and she got some great handwriting practice in.

My kindergartner and I found a really fun way for her to help me out and practice handwriting.

Her handwriting will most certainly be better than mine in a year or so…

Now that all of our gifts are wrapped (not really), we’ll be expanding on this activity.

I’ll write sentences out for her to copy.

We’re also going to write a short story together. As we’re writing it, I’ll spell out each word for her.

After we practice these activities for a bit, we’ll start working with smaller sections of paper. But that will be when she has a bit more motor control with her pencil.

As much as she enjoys the handouts and structure that comes along with school, I think this activity adds some extra fun because we’re doing it together.

What types of activities do you do with your kiddos to encourage them to practice handwriting? Please share them in the comments!

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