6 Reasons to See Mamma Mia! on Broadway

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I received tickets for myself and a guest to attend the musical production of Mamma Mia! at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. All opinions, and most of the exclamation points are my own.

The very first musical I saw was The Phantom of the Opera when I was 10 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, Canada. It left quite an impression on me. I fell in love with musicals and the theater and now I jump at any chance I get to see one. I have a list of my top 5 favorites of all time that I would see over and over again if it were possible.

Mamma Mia! is now officially on that list.

6 Reasons to see Mamma Mia! on Broadway

Here are my 6 Reasons to see Mamma Mia! on Broadway

6 Good Reasons to See Mamma Mia! on Broadway

1. ABBA!! I was introduced to ABBA by my mom in seventh grade. I fell in love immediately! The entire production of Mamma Mia!  is a compilation of songs by them. They have so many great songs that are fun, upbeat, and just so GOOD, that you’re never bored. In fact, you want to get up and dance along with the performers!

6 Good Reasons to See Mamma Mia! on Broadway

Photo courtesy of MAMMA MIA! Farewell Tour, Kevin Thomas Garcia, 2016

Favorites in this production include “Dancing Queen,” “S.O.S,” “Take a Chance on Me,” and of course, “Mamma Mia!” to name a few.

2. The Band. It consists of five people and they were incredible. A lot of times when you watch a show (at least when I watch a show), you know after just a few chords whether it’s going to be good or not. The moment the band started playing, I may or may not have teared up.

3. The Story. Mamma Mia! is about a young woman that is about to get married. She has no idea who her dad was and her mom never talks about him. She had found her mom’s diary from the year she was conceived and found three possible fathers. She invited each of them to her wedding (she made them think it was her mother inviting them), without telling her mom. In real life, a situation like this could potentially be a disaster. But on stage, it’s hilarious, fun, and unexpectedly heartwarming.

Another part to the story that struck a chord with me was about the mother. She was a bit of a wild child in her younger days. She was in a band and practiced “carefree” living. When she got pregnant, she gave everything up and raised her daughter all on her own. Everything she did from that moment forward was for her daughter, she never thought much about herself.

When she was reunited with these three men from her past, it was as if her spark was reignited.

4. The Cast. The entire cast was fantastic! The super hot guys dancing choreography was energetic, and sometimes hilarious.

Reasons to See Mamma Mia! on Broadway

Photo courtesy of MAMMA MIA! Farewell Tour, Kevin Thomas Garcia, 2016

Betsy Padamonsky is Donna, the mother of the bride to be. She was one of my favorites. She did a fantastic job transitioning from being “just a mom” to rediscovering her old self.

Two other standouts for me, were Donna’s two best friends. They were funny and crazy talented! I’m a big sucker for harmonies, and these ladies have got it down. I choked up at a really upbeat song because I was so impressed. Also, writing about these ladies reminds me, there is some adult humor in the show. If you’re planning on taking your kids, consider yourself warned.

5. It’s fun for everyone! I can’t think of a single person I know that wouldn’t love this show. It’s upbeat, makes you feel good, and gets you in the mood to dance and/or sing. It’s perfect for a girls night out, or date night.

6. FINAL FAREWELL TOUR!!! Mamma Mia! has run on Broadway for more than 10 years. It has been seen by more than 60 million people worldwide in 16 different languages. Since this is their farewell tour, there isn’t much time left to see it. So now is the time!! I feel so fortunate that I was able to go and I would have been kicking myself if I found out too late they were no longer touring.

Mamma Mia! is in Seattle through April 2nd. Tickets start at $25 and are available on-line at STGPresents.org, Ticketmaster.com, by calling 1-800-745-3000 or in person at The Paramount Theatre Box Office (Monday through Friday, 10am to 6pm).

If you’re not in the Seattle area, check their tour schedule to see if they’ll be performing near you!


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