Brazilian Bikini Wax: What to Expect

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If you are not familiar with a Brazilian Bikini Wax, don’t worry. Apparently I didn’t really know what it was either. I was always under the impression that it was hair removal from your legs and privates. Turns out, it is just hair removal from your privates. As in, allll the hairs.

I just wanted to get that out of the way, because I went into my appointment with extremely hairy legs and was expecting to get them taken care of too. Maybe I’m the only person that has ever done that. But I want to make sure you don’t go in as I did, and come out a bit disappointed.

You see, I hate shaving my legs. Like, HATE IT. And the bikini area is even worse! I do it as little as possible because I hate razor burn , and everything else that comes along with it. So I thought, hey! I’m going to get a wax and see how that goes.

Now that my lady bits are all nice a smooth, this just may be a summertime thing for me. Swimsuit season and all. Because again, razor burn.

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So. What do you need to do to prepare before, during, and after a Brazilian Bikini Wax?If you have ever thought about getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax, here is a guide on what to expect.


-You have to have at least 3 weeks of grow out. There has to be hair there for the wax to grab on to. I hated this part. I felt like a wookie. Ugh. It was so tempting to just break out the razor.

-Find the right place to go. Do a bit of research in your area, and read the reviews. You want someone that is experienced and efficient.

-Exfoliate the day before you go in. From what I understand, it helps when there isn’t a lot of extra dead skin for the wax to hang on to.

-Drink a lot of water the day of your appointment.

-If it will make you feel better, take some meds before you go. Alcohol isn’t recommended. I asked my esthetician what she tells clients to take. She said she thinks pain meds act more as a placebo effect, so to each his own. I took 2 ibuprofen’s a half hour before my appointment, and I don’t think they did anything for me. During my apt, I was really wishing I went with my gut and found a pot shop close by and tried that instead.

-Avoid going during or close to your period. The area is much more sensitive during this time. Plus, I mean, ugh…

-Wear loose clothing to your appointment because the area is likely to be tender afterwards.

-Take a shower before you go in! You know, courtesy and all…[Tweet “Thinking about getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax? Here is what to expect…”]


-The technician will tell you how they do it, but for me, they had me strip from the waist down, then get on their plastic-covered table that had a towel for my butt and another for my head. You wipe down the area to be waxed, then “cover up” with a teeny tiny towel. At first I wasn’t sure why they even had the towel for me to cover up because the second my person was in the room, my crotch was out in the wide open. But, turns out, it had a purpose after all, I ended up clutching that tiny towel the entire time. Which leads me to…

-The pain! Ooooh, the pain!! I hadn’t been waxed in over 10 years and it tends to be a lot more painful the first few times. If you keep up on it, the hairs that grow back are finer and easier to rip out. But when they are thick and coarse, ouch.

-My esthetician told me during the particularly painful parts to take a deep breath in, then quickly out as she pulled the strip off. I’m pretty sure clenching things, which is an automatic response to pain you know is coming, is not helpful. So I did my best to do as I was told without tightening up.  But by far, those were the worst parts.

-For those of you that have concerns about a c-section scar, not to worry. It was one of the least painful parts. Also, my esthetician told me she will only wax an older scar. So, if you’ve had it for under a year, be sure to let her know…she’ll just tweeze around it…

-Once your anterior parts are done, it’s time for the posterior. Truth be told, that was the least painful part. I had to be in an awkward position (imagine squatting, knees to your face, then laying on your back in that same squatting position), but it truly didn’t hurt (at least compared to the more sensitive lady parts).

-After waxing, the esthetician goes through and tweezes any stray hairs. If you didn’t want to punch her in the face by now, you will. But don’t. Remember, you’re paying her to do this.

The good news! Yes, it is painful, but the pain doesn’t linger too long. It is likely to feel tender for the next day or two, but really, not too bad. Also, the appointment is super quick! It was all over in less than 20 minutes.


-Pay. Then tip. This is a service someone is providing. Not to mention their face was in your privates for almost a half hour. At least 20% is good. The only reason I thought this is worth mentioning is when I was in the massage field, sometimes people didn’t know whether they should tip or not. Getting a wax, like getting a massage, is a service and deserves a tip.

-Wait 24-48 hours before showering, taking a bath, going into a sauna, using lotions or oils, having sex, and working out. Basically, give the entire area a rest.

-Some say to use coconut oil on the area (be sure to wait 24 hours!).

-When you shower after two days, exfoliate the area. This helps reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs. Continue to exfoliate 2-3 times per week.

My After Thoughts

As painful as the experience was, I’m really glad I tried it. Especially for swimsuit season. That said, I will not be keeping up with it the entire summer because it’s a little pricey for me (I’ll revisit waxing before vacations). My first appointment was $60, plus a $12 tip. So, $72 total. At the place I went, if you go every 6 weeks, it’s considered “upkeep,” so it’s $50. But with tip, that’s still $60 per month. With two kiddos, I just can’t justify spending that much money on myself on a body part that one other person nobody really sees. Who knows, maybe I’ll buy some strips at the store and try to do it myself (Ha.)

Have you ever gotten a Brazilian Wax? Have you ever thought about getting one?

If you have ever thought about getting a Brazilian Bikini Wax, here is a guide on what to expect.

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