Stay Warm this Winter with the NewAir QuietHeat15 Heater

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**I received a NewAir QuietHeat15 in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Our heater broke this winter. It wasn’t  quite the disaster as it sounds, but it was pretty annoying.

One morning, we woke up, and our house was a sauna. At night, we always set our thermostat to 62 degrees. On this particular morning, it was set at that, but the temp was pushing 90 degrees.

We couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so we just flipped the breaker. We did not want our heating bill to skyrocket during the already high season.

So now, our entire top floor of our house wouldn’t have heat…and our landlord is notorious for taking his time to fix things. (In this case, it was two weeks.)

Fortunately, a few weeks previously, I had received a NewAir QuietHeat15 space heater to try out. This was a perfect opportunity to test it to it’s limits!Stay Warm this Winter with a NewAir QuietHeat15 Heater!

It kept us nice and toasty the entire time we had our heat shut off. During the day, we had it in our kitchen/dining/living room area (around 500-600 sq ft), and at night, we moved it to our bedroom (again, the heat was working properly downstairs for the kiddo’s rooms, so don’t worry, they didn’t need it!).

It’s lightweight and has a handy handle on the back, so it was even easy for my preggo self to move it around.

I can’t decide which feature of this heater is my favorite. The timer, where you set it and it shuts off on its own-which is programmable up to 12 hours. Or the safety feature that turns it off if it were to fall over.

And I love that it’s nice and quiet. Sometimes I would have to walk up to it to see if I could feel the hot air to make sure it was on. Either it’s THAT quiet, or my household is just THAT loud. (Pretty sure it’s just super quiet.)

Some other important Safety features of the NewAir QuietHeat15 space heater:

-Uses ceramic heating, instead of glowing coils to provide even heat to your space.

-“Cool Touch Housing” which reduces the risk of fire or accidental burns.

-Overheat protection to cut the power if necessary. (We had it too close to a chair once and our NewAir shut off because the chair started to get too hot.)

-AND, not a safety feature, but the design is really nice! It doesn’t look like an eye sore in your beautiful home, in fact, it fits right in!Stay warm this winter with the NewAir QuietHeat15 space heater!

It also has a remote! We always used the timer when we turned it on, so we never needed it, but it’s still definitely worth a mention.

Our heat issue could have been so much worse this year. Last winter, our neighbors (in the same townhouse) lost heat to where it wasn’t working AT ALL. And they didn’t have our NewAir to get them through. They were just really, really cold for over a month (as I said, my landlord takes his time…)

If you have a space (office, dorm, RV, etc.), that could use a heater with fabulous safety features, that works great, I would highly recommend the NewAir QuietHeat15 space heater. And if you order now, you can use the code “MAMABYFIRE” to get 20% off. That’s a great deal for this awesome heater!

**Photos courtesy of NewAir QuietHeat15.

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